The Escort 0100016-3 Max II – Radar Laser Detector Review

Tired of speeding tickets? The Passport Max ll provides top-notch range, accuracy, and perhaps the best model on the market when it comes to false alerts, all with an easy to use interface and an app that regularly updates, all at a reasonable price, enabling you to drive worry-free and ticket-free.

The Escort 0100016-3 Max II – Radar Laser Detector Features and breakdown

The Escort 0100016-3 Max II – Radar Laser Detector boasts Auto learn Technology, Live App integration, Bluetooth Connectivity, GPS, a Headphone Jack, and provides you with Speed Alerts, all on an easy to read Blue Display.

  • Ultimate range and accuracy
  • World’s most sophisticated anti-falsing system
  • Multi-color graphic display
  • Intuitive design and crystal-clear voice alerts
  • English/Spanish voice text and screen option
  • Bluetooth-equipped for instant access to Escort Live app
  • Access to live red light camera/radar data
  • Product Dimensions: 5.2 x 3.2 x 1 inches
  • Item Weight: 9.6 ounces
  • Power source: 1 Lithium ion batteries

The Passport Max II has built in Bluetooth technology which provides connectivity to Escort Live, the iPhone or Android application. Escort Live is connected to a proprietary real-time ticket-protection network, which warns drivers of upcoming “danger zones” which have been received and reported by other drivers in the area. Just like any of the best laser jammer on the market, the Passport Max II also provides access to local speed limit data, and gives you over-speed alerts, which comes in handy when travelling, or when you are unaware of speed limits in a given area of town or jurisdiction.

Comes pre-loaded with over 10,000 red light and speed trap locations throughout North America, meaning that wherever you go you will be protected from ticket risk. The app regularly updates, so new locations are always being added.

From the makers of the Passport Max II:

“Intelligence is packed into this ticket-protecting Marvel. Our patented Auto Learn technology uses the power of GPS and the exact frequency to Learn and automatically reject unwanted Door Openers and other fixed position false alarms. escort’s unique voice alerts provide clear Communications for alerts and menu options. Drive without unnecessary distractions.”

First impression

Upon first using the Escort 0100016-3 Max II I was impressed with its light weight and easy to use features. it was a breeze to initiate and connect to GPS and I was easily able to navigate through the paired application. I tested it side by side with an older radar detector of mine and found that the Escort possessed longer range and a clearer signal. In certain light I found the display a little tough to read, but the audio in noisy traffic was crisp and clear.

While on the highway the connection remained strong

The Max is feature rich and could be considered the Cadillac of Escort radar detectors. You can adjust color of the font to multiple colors. It shows you your current speed. If connected to live, it shows you the posted speed limit, registered red light cameras and air patrols.

If you live (or regularly drive) in an area with a lot of false alerts (i.e. a garage door in some case) like me and would prefer to limit these false alerts (over price and detection range/performance) and do not already own the original Max, then I would recommend picking up the Max II. This is perhaps the strongest feature, next to clarity of signal, of the Max II, and was noticeable from my first use because in the past I have used radar detectors that were constantly being thrown off and tripped by false signals, thus significantly diminishing the effectiveness of the detector.


  • strong sensitivity and range, fast detection response, and false alert rejection
  • easy and intuitive to use
  • sleek, attractive aesthetic, and easy to hang
  • access to real-time ticket-protection network
  • regular updates through the app
  • clear voice alerts


  • cheap build quality
  • small display size

Final Verdict

This little guy has become my ally on the road. It has proven its accuracy and paid itself off within the first couple weeks of me owning it. I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a cost-effective solution to speeding tickets, and for those who want an easy-to-use and intuitive radar detector.

The Max is great as is, but the cool thing is its built-in upgrade potential due to its digital design and ability to upgrade more than any other detector currently on the market, meaning it can stay up to date with driver needs and new radar and red-light locations. It is not the longest-range detector (the Escort Redline is), but for what it costs the Escort Max II offers great performance and is a fantastic option for those new to the radar detector market, or for those seasoned owners who are looking for something that is durable, updatable, and effective.

Overall this is a great detector, even thought the outer case could be a little higher quality. Some may think this detector is a little too expense, but once I started using it I realized it is worth every penny because it performs well, it does its job. I have been able to determine that this is a very intelligent and adaptable radar detector. I live in a medium-sized town of approximately 150,000 people. We have a very consistent law enforcement presence here, never mind the County Sherriff’s department that is always roaming around. This detector has incredible range and has immensely helped me out with my penchant for getting speeding tickets. The voice prompts are very helpful, the range is solid, and there are plenty more features and options with this model of detector that with the first version or with detectors that I have purchased in the past.

So far, this detector has saved me hundreds of dollars in traffic tickets, so even if there are some downsides, it has paid itself off multiple times. I will continue using this detector with pleasure and look forward to future updates to the red light and radar detector network. I am very pleased with my purchase and next up I will be getting one for my wife….does she ever have a lead foot.