4 in 1 Gift Box Set Review

This is a sleek gift set that comes with a leather belt, quartz wrist watch, keyholder, and sunglasses. It makes a great gift for any holiday!

Top Specs

Quartz Timepiece

The timepiece set in the wristwatch is of the quartz variety. This type of timepiece is much more accurate than a regular mechanical timepiece and will last you longer while still remaining precise.

Matching Leather

The wristwatch, keyholder, and belt all come in the same black leather. This really ties the whole set together and will add a nice finish to any outfit. Though the sunglasses are obviously not made from the leather, they are black as well and tie in nicely with the set.

Aviation Style Glasses

Aviation sunglasses are pretty popular and I for one am a fan of the style. Many people find the style appealing and the style of rims are flattering on most faces so it’s a good option if you don’t know what type of sunglasses somebody normally wears.

Buckle Clasp

The belt has a simple, buckle style clasp. The overall design is no-frills and looks good with anything, regardless of what type of style the person wearing the belt has. The clasp is also easy to slot into the belt.

First Impressions

My first impression of this set from Fine Line Market is that it looks very elegant and the whole set goes together well. I could easily spend the money it costs for the whole set on just a watch alone so I was impressed with the overall look of the set right off the bat, given the price. The box the whole set comes in is pretty standard for a gift set, I’d say. The lining that holds all the items is a paper one but it could be discarded if you wanted to use the box for something else.

I was pleased with the fit of the watch when I first put it on and it was easy to set it. The leather wristband is simple but comfortable and I like the design of the watch face. The overall appearance is clean cut and the design easily goes with anything I’m wearing so I could see myself using this as an everyday watch.

The belt is also comfortable. It’s made from the same leather as the wristband of the watch. It fit me well when I first tried it on and the clasp seemed fairly durable. I know sometimes when I buy gift sets or cheaper belts the clasps don’t always hold up but I had no trouble while wearing the belt around during the day.

The sunglasses are standard aviator style glasses. They aren’t the best fit for my face and slide down my nose more than a better fitting pair would but it’s not a huge deterrent. Overall, I like the look of them.

The key ring is fairly simple. It goes with the same overall look of the belt and wristwatch, leather and stainless steel. I wouldn’t necessarily buy it by itself (depending on the price) but it’s a useful item to have and a nice addition to the set.


  • Multi-use: The design of all the items is simple and sleek. These are all items I think I could wear in a variety of settings with different outfits. They are casual enough that I could wear them with jeans but I could also use them in a more formal setting, like an interview, and still look professional and put together.
  • Simple, casual design: Like I said, the items could go with anything. If you have a hard to shop for family member or friend, this could be a good option for them regardless of their personal style. The items are all simple enough that they “blend in” with almost any outfit and wouldn’t clash or detract from pretty much an outfit someone was wearing.
  • Low cost: This is a fairly inexpensive set, considering what you get. Like I said before, the key ring doesn’t particularly stand out to me but the other three items are great and it’s like an added bonus.


  • No belt sizing options: There are no options to select size when you order from the website. There are multiple holes on the belt so you have some flexibility when it comes to fit but I’d say this belt is in the M/L range and if you (or the person you’re buying the set for) are a particularly large or small person this might not be the best set to get. There is a size chart on the listing but no option to actually select a size and nothing that says what size the belt actually is.
  • Little information on website listing: The website offers little information on the belt and watch sizes, as well as materials used in all items. There’s no general measurements for the sunglasses either and I know personally I sometimes have problems with the arms being too long or the nose being too narrow or too big so having measurements is helpful. Again, there is a size chart for both the belt and the watch but no actual option to choose what size you want.

Final Verdict

The seller themselves could do with adding a bit more information to the listing and adding the option to select a size when you buy the set. Having a sizing guide doesn’t help much if you can’t select a size! But overall, I liked the set and think it has some good items that would make a nice present for someone if you weren’t sure what exactly to get them. The versatility the simple, modern designs have is great and the quality of the items is good, considering the price. I personally wouldn’t buy this for somebody I knew very well because I’d be able to get them a gift more personally suited to them but I think it would make a nice, thoughtful gift for somebody in your life who is hard to shop for.