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ProDesk3D Orange

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ProDesk3D (Standard Edition)

  • RRP   (excl. VAT where applicable)
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  • Includes one starter 5 color cartridge set and 1 support material cartridge
ProDesk3D Blue

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ProDesk3D Blue (Limited Edition)

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  • Includes three starter 5 color cartridge sets and 3 support material cartridges

Product comparison: what is the difference between the ProDesk3D Standard and Blue Limited Edition?

Both of our products have exactly the same technical capabilities, the ProDesk3D Blue has limited edition blue exterior color characteristics instead of our standard orange. Only a few historic ProDesk3D Blue's will be made. Also, the ProDesk3D Blue comes with two additional color cartridge sets and two additional support material cartridges.

Consumables - Cartridge Pricing

ProDesk3D 5-color cartridge plus support material (6-cartridge system) will be directly available from botObjects' local country distributors. To purchase your cartridges from your local distributor please click the 'Order Now' button. Our cartridge system will hold a maximum of 315 meters length of 1.75mm filament.

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