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Introducing the first full-color 3D desktop printer for home and business. The CubePro® C printer finally delivers a production-ready, complete experience for the consumer; no more experimentation needed. To achieve new heights in 3D printing, the CubePro® C has revolutionized the whole 3D printing process, from cutting-edge design, to compact safe engineering, to an eco-friendly, re-usable cartridge system and much more. The CubePro® C offers breakthrough innovation, with seamless software integration, to deliver a true full color experience at an affordable price, with great accuracy and speed, delivered in an easy-to-use experience.


Industry's first true full-color 3D desktop printer

The CubePro® C is the first 3D desktop printer to offer true full-color printing, changing the way the creator thinks about what they are printing. Just like normal ink printers, the CubePro® C uses its proprietary 5-color PLA cartridge system, capable of mixing primary printing colors to generate the colors of choice for the object you wish to print. This is delivered seamlessly with our software included with the CubePro® C.

Improved accuracy with printed support material

To support your printed 3D objects, the CubePro® C delivers a PVA-based support material via our proprietary dual-extruder head. Now the most complex 3D designs can be printed with ease. Our support material does not require a messy finishing set or any chemicals to complete your design.

Fast automatic set-up - with self-calibrating build platform

Just like normal ink printers, there shouldn't be any complex or tricky set-up. The CubePro® C arrives complete out-of-box. Plug it into the mains, quickly download the automatic software, insert your cartridges in seconds, load up your 3D design and print it! Our industry leading proprietary self-calibration software talks to the CubePro® C, understanding the composition of your uploaded 3D design, and, while it auto-sets the printer, it also self-calibrates the printer bed. No more tricky software set up!

Delivering industry leading accuracy, speed and durability

The CubePro® C will be capable of printing down to 25 microns, beating industry leading speeds using durable PLA and PVA support material. The CubePro® C sets a new standard for PLA-based 3D models, leading the industry on finish quality and durability. The CubePro® C is capable of printing ABS material.

Cutting edge tri-fan system

In order to ensure consistency of airflow within the enclosed casing, the CubePro® C delivers a unique proprietary based tri-fan system to balance airflow across the cubic space of the build platform, enabling time and time again consistent 3D builds, and eliminates inaccurate modeling.

A beautiful anodized aluminum safe casing – highly functional

The CubePro® C arrives in a high quality, beautiful and safe anodized aluminum casing. The goal had been set to think about the maturity of 3D printing, what would it look like in 5 years time, and how would the right case endure these times. Setting new standards with aluminum design, the CubePro® C separates itself from the kit-like contemporaries.

Load your 3D designs and let our software print your model in just a few clicks

It wasn't enough to create a revolutionary 3D printer; it was our goal to develop seamless, simple-to-use software integrated with the CubePro® C. We wanted to demystify the process of 3D printing, while keeping the technical jargon under the hood - enabling everyone to load designs and get them printed easily with just a few clicks. The CubePro® C ProModel software does just this.